Garden signage comes in two types. Good looking ones that add to the beauty of your garden and give a positive visitor experience.
Then there are the places with missing, broken, worn out and mismatched signs. Guess what that says about your garden?
For 18 years Lark Label has made signage for botanical gardens, nature centers, zoos, arboretums, art and history museums and private estates. They are great looking, easy reading and long lasting. We guarantee them readable for the life of the plant or ten years, whichever comes first.
We make Classic markers with black, brown and green solid aluminum nameplates with white text. They can be mounted to black aluminum stakes, to trees with stainless steel springs and screws to wooden posts and with our UV resistant hang around ties. These markers are used for plant identification, memorials, trail markers and way finding.
Our full color Spectrum signs accurately reproduce every pigment in the world. Spectrum markers and signs come in thick or thin panels and almost any size you need.This allows you to fully tell your story in pictures, with graphs as well as words. Use them for improved ID as well as for interpreting complex topics.
Several gardens make their own signs in house.  You can buy the same high quality stake and nameplate material we use on our signs for your sign program. Our popular PlaStake keeps plastic nameplates from breaking extending the life of your signs.
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